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801 S. State St., Unit 14, Bunnell, FL, 32110

About Our Artists

Patrick Levins

Patrick Levins (left) and Frank Wilson, tattoo artists.

Patrick Levins is a native of New Jersey and has been a professional commercial graphics artist for his entire career. He has 20 years experience in the tattoo busness. He opened a southern New Jersey tattoo shop in the mid-1990s and operated that successful business for 15 years before moving to Florida. He now tattoos full time at Patrick Tattoo in Bunnell, Fla., and be reached directly at 386-209-1762 or patricktattooartist at
Frank Wilson, a native of Chicago, is now working at Patrick Tattoo. Frank is a licensed, professional tattoo artist with 20 years experience in the tattoo business who has worked in a number of tattoo studios across the country. He can create a variety of tattoo styles to suit any clients needs; his talent and passion for tattooing is second to none and that's one of the reasons Patrick Tattoo is so proud to have him onboard. Frank can be rearched in our studio at 386-209-1762 or faddink at

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